Imran Khan was one of the leading cricketer of the world and the best team captain of Pakistan. Best captain in the sense that Pak won world cup under the captaincy of Imran Khan Cricketer. He used to play cricket since his early childhood and as he grew older he played with better players and gained experienced.

In his college life and university level in UK he played in the main teams and proved his abilities. He was selected to play for Pak cricket team and seeing the leadership abilities in him he was made the captain of the team. He was a man who led the team from front and took the team to a level where it can fight and defeat any cricket team of the world.

In the 1992 world cup Pak team under the captaincy of Imran Khan defeated different teams to make their way to the finals of the world cup. Since Imran Khan selected his team in such a way that it had an excellent balance and it had some very good young players like Inzi who played marvelous innings to pile up runs against English team.

In the world cup 1992 the whole team played as a well-organized unit and got success. Imran Khan as a cricketer proved that he is a superb player and cricketer. At that time he was one of the best fast baller of the world and was highly respected by all the teams of the world. Imran Khan played cricket for many countries in UK and earned a lot of wealth from his cricket profession.

He is still seen with great respect and honor by the cricket team players and always seek guidance from him before major tournaments. In the nutshell we can say that as a cricketer Imran Khan proved his worth and became a role model for the cricketer players around the world. Also read Imran Khan as a Politician
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