Basic SEO Tips for New Bloggers

SEO TipsAs a blog gets old it gets more and more popular. New blogs are not much popular as old blogs. To make a new blog popular you need traffic and good pagerank which can be done by applying SEO techniques. There are some SEO tips you must do to get ranking and traffic. I have enumerated some of the basic SEO tips for new bloggers which they can use to make their new blog popular.

Write Unique Content

Don’t use any type of content from other sites or blogs and write your own content for your blog posts. Try to make content according to SEO and use keywords in it properly. If you make unique content search engines like Google and Bing index it and if your post is according to SEO then your indexed post shows in top results in search engines. It will give you high traffic and your blog becomes popular. Unique content gives you targeted visitors which come from search engines.

Make Links Daily

Try to make 3 to 4 links daily and keep a record of the link URLs. This will help you to ping them to get indexed faster. Make links on forums, social bookmarking sites, web directories, blog directories and one of the most common way to make link is through blog commenting.

Making backlinks give you good Alexa and Google ranking. Links are of two types, dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow links are useful for pagerank and traffic, but nofollow links only gives you traffic.

If possible make natural links. Natural link is a link that is coming from your blog’s niche. For example, if your blog’s topic is fashion and the link to your blog is from weight loss blog then it makes less sense whereas backlinks from fashion niche will give you more benefit. I found a first ever human edited search engine to get Free DofollowLinks.

Make SEO Friendly URL

Try to make good URL of your post. I am not talking about domain name. I am talking about the characters that are shown after domain name. For example, is a domain but the URL ’’‘’ is not SEO friendly and the spiders and bots feel difficulty to index this.

Try to use your post title after domain name. If your post title is ‘’Best Web Hosting’’ then your URL should read like ‘’’’.

Final Words

These are some of the basic SEO techniques which you need to observe to make your blog popular and achieve high ranking. I have mentioned only basic techniques and there are number of other factors which you need to keep in mind for making your blog successful. I will keep you updated about new SEO tips daily so see you tomorrow. Good Luck