Sell Domain Names and Make Money

Sell Domain NamesSelling of domain names is very profitable business for webmasters. A webmaster sells his domain name if it is attractive for others or it has high traffic. By selling such domain names a webmaster can make thousands of dollars. Using basic knowledge you can also make money by selling domain names. This article will give you guidance about making money by selling domain namesFirst find the keyword which is highly searched by people and not used by other webmasters. You can search keyword in Google, Yahoo or other keyword tools. Searching for keyword in keyword tools gives you information about global searches, monthly searches and competition for this keyword.

After choosing keyword you will need to register a domain name having this keyword and web hosting to host your domain. Make a website to drive traffic to your domain name because for selling a domain name you need high traffic on it. If you don’t make a website then it is very difficult to get traffic which is very important for selling a domain name.

Try to purchase a package which contains both domain name and web hosting which would not worry you about transferring anything. After selecting a domain name, insure that it also has your keyword in it. If you select a keyword and it is taken by other person as domain name then make alterations like “e”, “i” or any other character or word. If your keyword is “Fashion” then try to get this keyword in the form of “efashion”, “ifashion” etc. If you don’t want to select such type of domain name then search for other highly searched keyword and if it is available as domain name then register it.

After registration of domain name make a website and write articles related to your keyword. After making a website, apply SEO tricks and techniques on your website and optimize it with your keyword. If you get good traffic then apply for Adsense or become an affiliate and sell products. You will earn money if the product is purchase by others and you will also earn money form Adsense if you have good traffic. Try to select an affiliate program which is related to your keyword and also optimize for this because you need high traffic to earn money and for selling of domain name.

After developing a website apply all techniques to get high traffic for your website. Make links of your website on forums, blogs, social bookmarking sites, web directories etc, to get high traffic. Also submit articles on article directories which give you natural links and targeted traffic. If you get high traffic then your website gets good ranking in alexa which shows your traffic ranking in the world. Search for your domain name’s worth after getting good alexa rank, if the worth is low then don’t worry it would be all right when your traffic increases.

If you feel that you are ready then put your domain name in auction and wait for some time. If you receive good offer for your domain name then sell it and transfer it to the buyer’s account, which is done by your web hosting company.

If you get valuable money after selling your domain name then make another website for this purpose. By applying above techniques you will be able to make money by selling a domain name.